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10-24-2012, 04:22 PM
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Stealing the formatting too.

About me:

Height 6'1" (on skates)
Highest level of play:
Ice: Instructional League

Style: Butterfly (work-in-progress)

I'm getting better at not cheating on shots and going down too early. My thought process is get to where you need to go in one movement and execute the save or following the pass.

My greatest strength. Having played a bunch of baseball makes it come really naturally to me, I love shots to my glove side. However the better shooters in practice abuse me on the blocker side now


I have a lot of work to do with the stick and blocker. As above, shooters given a choice will go my blocker side. I hate it when I drop into a butterfly and I get a little floater that's just out of reach. I tend to come out of the net a bit more on the blocker side if I can to cut down the angle. I've stopped at least a dozen pucks with the end of my stick... which isn't good. I think I'm getting caught out of position when it happens.


I stick in the crease and wait as long as I can, I'm working on strong C-cuts to move backwards and keep up with the speed of play. It's kinda tough because a lot of people wind up crashing into the net at the instructional level


Not in my tool box yet. I do like the "slowly push someone out of the top of the crease with your blocker move".

Playing the puck:

I don't play the puck yet. I figure it's easier for someone to else to nab it. I try to steer the rebounds in the corners or smother it though. I don't take my eye off the puck and try to keep square to it.

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