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Originally Posted by RGY View Post
You're clearly clueless I see. A bigger market? You do realize you are in rangers territory, right? So that "more of a population" you speak of, are already rangers fans and considering how close they are to MSG are not converting to Islanders fans....LOL not to mention you have a losing team. The Rangers who have currently spent years rebuilding to have a team that is now a cup contender orrr the lowly islanders who have been rebuilding for 10 years, squandering top draft picks, handing out worse contracts than the rangers which is hard to do, and not garnering any attendance. I highly doubt it attracts free agents more, especially when the team continually misses the playoffs.
Originally Posted by Ranger de FLA View Post
They're walking straight into Rangers territory. Long Island has Rangers fans as well, but you're now in the city. The Islanders still won't have the money the Rangers have to shell out to those FA's. I will agree it's more attractive, but not more attractive than playing for an Original 6 team, playing in the heart of the city and playing in MSG.
I love this "Rangers territory" mentality since it makes me giggle.
I had a game on my PC a while back called "Rise of Nations"
It is a real time strategy game. If I were to enter the bad guy's land, I encounter "attrition damage." My troops and vehicles would slowly lose hit points/health unless I had a supply wagon with me.

Yes, while NYC/Brooklyn is more Ranger friendly, it doesn't mean the Isles will "lose hit points/health" or start the game one goal down. (Maybe 1 minute into the game, they'll be one goal down, but that is a different story.)

What demonstrative harm will happen to the Isles by playing in "Ranger territory"?

Really? Evey single person in that more population is already a Ranger fan? I wish I knew how that worked!

All the petty bickering about if Brooklyn is or isn't on the Island is arguing about semantics. When I was in Australia I had a hamburger. It was ham, not beef. (It sure was odd!) But, who has that wrong? Who has that right? Well, down on the menu was a portion for "beefburgers"'s that!

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