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Originally Posted by JetsFlyHigh View Post
London is in the center of SOUTHERN ONTARIO. Again, it will serve all hockey fans in the region. If not London, then Markham is the answer, since its in the GTA and its better location than Hamilton.
MARKHAM A BETTER LOCATION THAN HAMILTON FOR NHL. TEAM YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME Markham is about the worst place you can put an NHL. its to small , its will within MLSE. territory & Markham dose not have the infrastructure to support & maintain an NHL. team .

Hamilton is far better location because its bigger , has the infrastructure to support an NHL. team , CHEAPER to make happen , an airport less than 20 min. away , path of least resiestance teritory won't be as big an issue with Hamilton as it would Markham & last but not least Hamilton is a centralized location & can be reached by everyone from southwestern ontario , Hamilton area , Niagara Region , Kitchener Waterloo & even the GTA. .

Also when a 2nd NHL. team comes to southern ontario it is going to be a regional team for southern ontario & the team has to be able to draw from all parts southern ontario & that is why another NHL. team in southern ontario has to be in a centralized location & Hamilton is a centrelized location because it can be reached by everyone as for Markham it will only be able to draw from the GTA. & that is it because it is not a centrealized location & will be hard to draw from fans west of the GTA. .

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