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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
I think I see enough posts around here to say that there are very, very few people who are completely against fighting in hockey. Even fewer still that don't love/like Knuckles.
Problem is, the Bruins know how to build a tough team and we haven't been able to do that.

They always get the best player-fighters. Thornton is the best 4th line fighter-player in the league (we could have had him). Lucic is the best first line fighter in the league (we could have drafted him - he was MVP of the playoffs in junior, hardly a secret). Chara is the best fighter the league has ever had probably (we could have signed him). And their other fighters are all tougher than our guys except maybe Moen, and now we have Prust who can hold his own on occasion with heavyweights as a middleweight (we could have had any of them).

Not the era for us to be fighting with them. We have to play two way hockey and have more grit while upgrading the size/skill where we can (grit/toughness). Tall order.

If our priority was puck possession, then skating should not have been an absolute criteria. We could have fit Chara and Lucic into a framework, like the Bruins did. You can't play puck possession with a bunch of second tier midgets. If you don't have size, you need superstars and depth, at least.

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