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10-24-2012, 05:47 PM
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I think I'm the first to bring this up, if someone did before and I overlooked it, no insult intended...

Do the Rangers have the right to demand compensation from the Isles for entering their territory? And if so, what could that be?

Precedent: I believe it was the Colorado franchise that moved into the metropolitan NYC area, closest to NYC, forcing the surrender of Barry ([Bill Chadwick:] "just shoot the puck, Barry") Beck to be provided as compensation upon that franchise becoming the Devils.

Now another (expansion) franchise wants to enter our territory, and it LITERALLY is within the boundaries of NYC! This is even more of an encroachment and a potential poaching of the fan base and the $$$ resources that literally come with the territory!!

So can anyone advise why there is no good reason, especially given this precedent, for the Rangers to demand that, upon this official move actually being realized in the future, that our club would not be entitled, of right, to compensation?

I would say fair compensation would be Tavares as down payment, and the NYR with right to swap first round draft picks for 10 years!

Want to see what everybody says before this gets moved to the big board.
Real world calls.
Will catch up with y'all tomorrow.


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