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10-24-2012, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Loffer View Post
I am not denying anything above. He has all the tools and ability to be a really good player. (He is already amazingly good.) All i am saying is that I am a tad worried that things won't go as smoothly from now on. First of all, his team seems to be rubbish. How can you expect a kid of his age to carry it? Secondly, after the hot start hes been focused by opposition shutting him down. It may wear him out. Okay, maybe Woodliefs "bs" distracted me and those goals weren't lucky. I am just predicting "difficult times" compared to the easy hot start he got to the season. Realistically, i don't think Barkov has any chance to challenge the top 2 spots in the draft. So, he can at best keep his "current spot" (#3) or, most likely, fall a few spots. I admit I used a bit too strong expressions and colorful language to "get some juice out of the the meat".
Just want to clarify if this is the colorful language you are referring to or not. I think its an extremely tough thing to beat out Jones and MacKinnon in the top 2 spot, but 0%? ABSOLUTELY no chance? Not even 5%?

Careful with your language because that is what us posters will pounce on.

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