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Originally Posted by capemjs View Post
I don't see how comments like help this discussion at all.
What discussion is that? Luongo's worth to Toronto? What Vancouver will get from Toronto? Some sort of fan-determined middle-ground fantasy trade?

This entire discussion doesn't really need to be furthered, IMHO, other than if some find it interesting and entertaining... More likely than anything, Toronto is being strung along (more perceived demand, the better) - where Toronto likely hasn't (and probably never will, IMO) be formally presented to Luongo as a viable alternative... Burke needs to be willing to pay, a lot, to force himself into the Gillis and Tallon conversation... Same with Chicago... Same with Edmonton... Same with any other team that likes the idea of having Luongo play on their team... Luongo's preference to staying in Vancouver is Florida... There are other teams interested in Luongo, and Luongo has expressed at least some interest in considering what opportunities are presented before him... That's about what is known... Burke is going to have to have a private conversation with Luongo, and explain to him why his good friend Allaire is full of ****, and Toronto would be a fantastic place for Luongo to play out his career... Burke is going to need to have a good discussion with Luongo about how both could see a marriage going forward... Tallon has, apparently, already been afforded such a conversation... Burke? Nope... That would have been leaked as a major Toronto media story, IMO... Luongo's agent says that he's never been mentioned about Toronto, let alone a deal being seriously considered, or completed... Burke needs to work harder and convince Gillis that he and Toronto deserves such an equal conversation as Tallon received...

Am I helping your discussion, your agenda? Probably not... But this is a Luongo thread, on the Canucks board... where things regarding Luongo (other than involving what he can return from the Leafs) are discussed... This isn't a Luongo to Toronto thread... If it was, I agree that his comment (and mine) don't help your discussion or agenda at all... But, since it's not, his post (and mine), are Luongo-focused, and this is a Luongo thread, on the Canucks board... It helps discussion just fine... Burke is going to have to work to get Luongo, more than Tallon would have to work... Luongo already wants to go to Florida... Florida and Luongo have already talked... Luongo seems loose, and in great spirits! Gillis doesn't seem rushed, or worried... All seems good, with what the tide has brought in, so far...

Just because Toronto has the biggest need for Luongo, that doesn't mean that Burke will pay the highest or nicest price (this is Burke)... It doesn't mean that Toronto is a real attractive destination for Luongo himself... Everybody can see that Toronto would be a good fit, on paper... But, in reality, I don't think so... Burke isn't going to pay the price to convince Gillis to seriously join Toronto into the discussion... Luongo isn't going to see Toronto as a top preference place to play (above Florida)... If Luongo's alleged meeting with Tallon went well, Luongo perhaps is willing to do what he says he is, and stay with Vancouver until Florida is ready...

This is a type of discussion (or post) you will find here on the Canuck board... It might not help your discussion or agenda... but it is Luongo discussion...

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