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10-24-2012, 06:20 PM
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But hereís a bigger reason why Islander fans might find the small size of the Barclays Center problematic. Chances are that ticket prices for games in Brooklyn could end up being among the most expensive in the NHL.

With a reduced capacity, the team may be forced to charge a steep price in order to keep up with NHL economics, even after a reduction in the playersí share of Hockey Related Revenue to 50-50 and even if the owners succeed in enacting other measures to keep salaries down through restrictions on individual contracting.

The Islandersí average ticket price last season was $49.06, which ranked 20th in the league (according to Team Marketing Report figures supplied by Hooked on Hockey). The Nassau Coliseumís capacity is actually the second smallest in the NHL, but the demand is also very low. Again, some of that is the bad building and some of that is the teamís bad play. And we can add a third element to the reason why the price was so low: Long Islandís regional economic picture is not what it once was, and tickets are priced accordingly.

Pay up boys. Shiny new building in NYC. Brooklyn is part of NYC. Its not Long Island. It will cost the same small fortune it costs going to Rangers games.

Winnipeg has the 2nd highest ticket prices in the NHL. Smaller capacity. They charge more.

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