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Originally Posted by capemjs View Post
It infers things about a general fan base. It has nothing to do with the individuals
within any forum of discussion going on here - no matter how you legitimize it, from
any angle - and for the most part it is speculative and insulting.

I'm just here to talk with respect to one another regardless of their allegiances, mono e mono.
I hope that clarifies my point for you.
It is the Canucks board... You will need a thick skin if being here (if you're a Leaf fan), and let things slide... much like I would, if I was on the Toronto board Luongo thread (if there is one, which I assume there is)... You are very welcome here (as far as I'm concerned)... But you are going to hear things that you won't like about Toronto, the Leafs, Burke, Kadri, etc... Things that are speculative and insulting... Things that would be trolling, if posted elsewhere...

If you are looking for Canuck fan perspective, you will come across some who don't want Luongo on Toronto for emotional reasons... Some who don't see Luongo on Toronto for reasonable reasons... and some who don't see or want Luongo on Toronto for a bit (or a lot) of both... You will also come across those who are more willing to discuss a fantasy trade, and see a trade make sense... Just filter out the noise to you, internally and mentally, IMHO...

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