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10-24-2012, 06:29 PM
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Definitely appreciate the thought/effort.

The difficulty with Sharks prospects (much like Red Wings prospects) is they are very often late bloomers. So what we tend to see is a player having a breakout season often ignored or ranked very poorly because the reviewer is using last seasons information about that player which is now out-of-date. Guys like Clowe, and Pavelski, Demers, Braun, even Nabakov etc all came from basically nowhere. Often times taking huge leaps in their development in a very short time and jumping up the prospect list very quickly.

So what happens is the article will come out, we will read it, and there is not even a mention of their current situation. We can immediately tell that the writer is basing their article on old information which means they are not only not providing us any useful new information (as we are all pretty voracious consumers of any and all Sharks info) they are actually often perpetuating a much poorer outlook of the Sharks prospect pool than is reality.

So, what can you do? Watch them play if you can, give us your impression of the player. Make sure and check their current stats and see if it conflicts with the information you have, if so, do a little digging. We also of course love to hear any new quotes from Sharks scouts/personnel if possible.

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