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Originally Posted by Loffer View Post
I am not denying anything above. He has all the tools and ability to be a really good player. (He is already amazingly good.) All i am saying is that I am a tad worried that things won't go as smoothly from now on. First of all, his team seems to be rubbish. How can you expect a kid of his age to carry it? Secondly, after the hot start hes been focused by opposition shutting him down. It may wear him out. Okay, maybe Woodliefs "bs" distracted me and those goals weren't lucky. I am just predicting "difficult times" compared to the easy hot start he got to the season. Realistically, i don't think Barkov has any chance to challenge the top 2 spots in the draft. So, he can at best keep his "current spot" (#3) or, most likely, fall a few spots. I admit I used a bit too strong expressions and colorful language to "get some juice out of the the meat".
Seems like you're back-pedalling pretty hard from your original position:

"All the signs of the greatest slump ever"
"After the first period no points for Barkov. It seems he and his line are struggling now after the hot start. Barkov may fall quite a bit if this ***** continues"
"James Van Riemsdyk could give some boost to Barkov who is slumping pretty badly rite now. If not, then Barov is doomed to fall in draft rankings."

First you talk about "all signs of the greatest slump ever," "doomed to fall in draft rankings," etc., but now you're saying that you'd project him to go roughly in the 3-6 range (3rd, or a few spots lower)? I would say that's where most Barkov fans are predicting he'll go, if he gets drafted somewhere around 3rd-6th that wouldn't represent any sort of "drop" at all.

As for "no chance to go top 2," it seems a bit early to say. I don't see him beating MacKinnon, but how are you so confident about Barkov vs. Jones? Who knows, maybe neither Barkov nor Jones will go top 2. Regardless, you make it seem like production would be the main thing hurting his chances, when his production has been phenomenal, and his year-end numbers will almost certainly be among the best ever for a 17 year old in the SM-Liiga. If there's anything that prevents him from going top 2, it'll be a lack of explosiveness in his game, a lack of really dynamic ability with the puck. Not that I think that's a major problem, it's reasonably common with big, high IQ centres (think Joe Thornton, Mats Sundin, Eric Staal, Mikko Koivu, etc.), but I would say that is the main strike against his game. It's definitely not production, which will be a big positive, not a negative.

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