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10-24-2012, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr. Canucklehead View Post
I would imagine so...haven't we had someone who joined the Wolves late in the season from the SEL in the past? Racking my brains as to who it could be, but I thought that had happened before.
The problem with that is the CHL and the AHL have an agreement in place where CHL drafted players can't play in the AHL till they are 20 years old.

You can have them join after the completion of the Junior team's season, but technically; the Generals would still be playing after the SEL season ends. Would he have to report to Oshawa, or would he have to wait till Oshawa is finished playing before joining the Wolves, or would he be able to join the Wolves right after the completion of AIK's season?

He is also technically 20 years old by March 3, 2013, so he would be 20, but I am not sure if the CHL operates based on draft year eligibility or actual birth dates.

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