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Originally Posted by Kreiders Underwear View Post
I understand that. Although this is a business and from a business standpoint, taking the Barclays Center was a much worse option for a team that will be competitive in no more than 5 years, as they signed a 25 year lease. Eventually they'll sell out and will be very sad that they can only fit 14,500 in the barn.

Although I'm also looking at it from the standpoint of a non-Islander fan. In terms of fan loyalty, it was the best move they could've made and I'd be very happy if I was an Isles fan that they're not going to Kansas City or Canada.
And if the NHL, a 3.3 billion dollar business, agreed with you, then the Islanders would have left. So nice way to put an entirely negative spin on the situation.

The Islanders could be looking at it like.. hey, now when we call the best free agent on July 1st, not only does he not hang up, we have just a good a chance as anybody else. And maybe, if said free agent lands, we could actually get good again. And maybe then, being in a borough with 2.3 million people, we could build on what is left from the Islanders in Nassau and market the Islanders like we do the Nets.

That's called business. The Islanders were never leaving the NYC area, and that was something Bettman made clear dozens of times, yet nobody listened.

The potential for the Islanders in Brooklyn is substantial, hence why this deal went down today.

Why does it have to be anything more then that? Don't you think it would be GOOD for NY hockey if the Islanders could become relevant? Maybe it would be good for hockey, period? Truth is, you could care less what's good for hockey.

Back in 2001, everyone conviniently forget that Wang challenged the biggest spenders in the league to get the Islanders back into the playoff picture. Everyone paints Wang as a criminal, but he has invested a ton of money in the Islanders, and obviously is still interested in them considering he didn't just sell them off. Maybe, just maybe, Wang is excited to get back to spending and not worry about spending with zero corporate support and potential for business growth.

I think there's a very good chance Wang opens the wallet next summer.

These things matter, yanno.

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