Thread: Injury Report: Calvin de Haan Out for the Season
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10-24-2012, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
Write off, no. But they also can't continue pretending he is a solid top 4 in waiting anymore either. I am not sure I would point to a baseball player in comparison. How about Iafrate? A great pick, a great defenseman, completely unreliable as a roster spot due to injuries for all but three years, had to leave the sport in his early thirties but really was a non factor before he even hit 30. I tend to agree with you on this being his frame doing him in, and hopefully he can change that, but losing an entire development season is significant. A smart GM starts plans for this to be Calvin's future road and fill whatever hole he filled on future depth charts with some other body. IMO of course.

Chapin raises a good point about this being a real jog to those who didn't like him being drafted over others, like Kulikov, but I would still look at it separately as the injury history seemed to build post-draft. If there is a strong record pre-draft then yeah, shame on the Isles. That they made a mistake passing on Kulikov... I would still make that argument even if CdH was injury free.
Will possibly never know if it was a good move or not because CDH won't be proving anything this year. Who knows if he will ever get a chance. Anyway, once again I won't fault management for something out of their control. It's like being mad at the people who drafted Heatley because he caused the death of another teammate. It's just not something the Isles could have controlled and Kulikov's health could be reversed with CDH's in a heartbeat.

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