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Originally Posted by htpwn View Post
Where did this myth come from?

Toronto + York + Peel + Durham + Halton = 6 million.
The rest of the Golden Horseshoe = 2.7 million.

If there's 6 million people living east of Hamilton and 2.7 million living both within and west/south of it, how is it possible that the centre of population falls in Hamilton?
I assume that he's making the assumption that the drawing area for "southern ontario" ends at the wentworth/halton line.

Even in that case, i'm not sure if london is really the population center.
ignoring lennox and grey
you have 620k west of middlesex
585k in elgin, huron, and middlesex
1.7M from middlesex to halton (not including the 500k in halton who would realistically not all stay with the leafs).

i'd wager the true population center is around kitchener, so if I were to build a NEW arena, that's the area to target. Considering there already is a perfectly good starting point for that arena in hamilton, which isnt that far, arguing hamilton is best for southern ontario isnt that hard, especially considering you no longer have to worry about detroit whining, whereas london could certainly draw from essex.

although if there were a team in hamilton, first thing i'd do is start lobbying the ontario government to expand hwy8 between kitchener and hamilton, would cut the time between k-w and copps to ~1hour.

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