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10-24-2012, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Bleedred View Post
Does Trump really have a wig? I always thought it was fake, but multiple people have told me it wasn't.
I assumed it's real, only because were it fake I'd think it would look better. But I saw him in an interview once with Megan Kelly I think, and she pulled on his hair and said it's real.

Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
I suppose that's the point of it. He's just trying to make Obama look bad in some way by randomly demanding that he release some inconsequential documents. If Obama does it, he'll find fault with something, even if it is something completely trivial, or even accuse him of faking it. If Obama doesn't do it, he'll accuse him of hiding something.
I suppose you could view it the way you describe above, but we're talking about $5 MILLION dollars, and for charity.

For something as trivial as your college transcripts? Really? So I fail to see what the big deal is if there isn't something to hide.

My best guess is it's something like maybe he got a C- in economics and doesn't want people to know, but I think there is something to hide or his college transcripts wouldnt be as protected as nuclear launch codes. The Clintons have some of the best, dirtiest, research people in the biz, if even THEY couldnt get those suckers, aint nobody.

Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
It's a bizarre ploy. I'm curious to see what Gloria Allred is trying to top it with, there was some rumour that she had something about Romney. Probably just as nonsensical.
Already leaked that it has to do with the value Romney put on Staples shares for a valuation of estate during a divorce proceeding. Aldred is just a horrible, horrible human being. Worse than Trump. I'd like to see a steel-cage death of those two for charity.

Originally Posted by Scott04 View Post
I think his point is that all candidates, especially for president, ultimate do run off of the loads of money being thrown at them by rich people. But its in the form of donors to their campaigns. The application of the funds may be different, but both sides are taking the money of rich people in an effort to get them what they want (which is particular candidate to win the election). It has less of a 'gimmick' attached to it, but the concept is pretty similar.
Exactly (which is why I thought maybe he was being sarcastic or funny, but I wasnt sure).

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