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10-24-2012, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Squiffy View Post
Personally I doubt very much the new CBA winds up including the "can't bury in the A" clause. But if we're assuming that, then we're equally assuming that teams will be able to deal what, was it 3 million in cap space I believe? His contract doesn't really scare me under old rules or hypothetical new rules as it stands, but we'll have to see what the end result is.

Unless the new CBA brings together a currently unforseen set of rules affecting Lou's contract, then I again say I am all for getting him (on the cheap of course). Goaltending has been sub-par for 7 years, not coincidentally, no playoffs for 7 years. If Reimer or Scrivens winds up Potvin'ing Lou's Fuhr (clear as mud analogy right? lol..) then I call it a good problem. For god's sakes lets cross one of the three off the "glaring holes in lineup" list, 'cause I don't see any big time #1 centres or Dman about to be hypothetically available to us.

I see a ton available - at no cost.

See next years 1st round draft

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