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10-24-2012, 10:21 PM
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I am so enamored with this girl I met through work.

So I am the volunteer coordinator for a large charity in my city with over a dozen sites. I interview, recruit, place, follow-up, etc...with all the volunteers at the different places.

This one girl I met. Man.....I can't stop thinking about her. And I ran into her today when I was doing a site visit.

My employee handbook has no rules about dating in the workplace (in fact, one site manager got her job when she was dating another site manager). After being placed, the volunteers really just answer to their site manager, and my only dealings with them are follow-up questionnaires and things regarding their service time. Technically, I think they fall under me because I am the "Volunteer Coordinator" and they are "Volunteers."

Basically, I feel like I wouldn't get in trouble for asking her out since there is that whole other dating thing within the organization. However, that was going on pre-job. And, I would really hate to do anything that would reflect poorly on my organization. Like, I care about the place and see it making a real difference in our community.

What do you all think? Bite my tongue and not risk hurting the organization?

Or be bold and try to woo this lady?

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