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12-07-2003, 04:07 PM
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this is a pretty funny thread... sounds like we have one guy here who's trying to sell something that no one else wants - yet post after post he's still trying to convince everyone!!

you're right newsguyone... we're all morons for thinking that Cloutier is a better bet for us than Cujo is

I especially like the line that he sucked against St. Louis... what you forgot to watch that series after game 1?? you do know there were 6 more games in that series... did you see game 7?? do you realize that Cloutier was far and away the #1 star of that game??

also failed to mention that Cloutier did play last year in the playoffs with a knee injury... and this was one of the reasons why Burke traded for Hedberg - so Cloutier wouldn't have to play as much, and they'd have someone to put in with playoff experience (who by the way has gone on as great a run in his career - playing for a much much worse team - as Cujo has)!!

but let's follow your logic here, and see if this makes *any* sense for the Canucks logically?

Say that Cujo does make us a better team - forget that Burke has stated several times that he's going to go with Cloutier, and he brought in Hedberg for stability... forget that Cloutier has been here for a while, and has improved every season... forget that the team IS behind him...

even if the Wings pick up parts of his salary, how much do the Canucks still have to pay for Cujo?

where would this take their payroll? does it exceed the $42 mill limit we have?

and if so - by how much?? it could be justified that if Burke does think that Cujo could take the team further - then it would make sense as we'd get more playoff revenue (forget that Burke has already gone on record saying that he has no interest in Cujo and doesn't think he can do anything more for us)...

but adding even 1 yr of his salary to our payroll - realistically speaking (yes newsguyone, some of us do like to consider reality once in a while ) adding that salary would really kill us next season... we have Morrison, both Sedins, Cloutier, Hedberg, Allen, and most importantly Ohlund, to name a few of the guys that need new contracts after this season - and we're already near our limits....

realistically, can the Canucks expect to add *any* of Cujo's salary??

and then you're asking for Cooke in return - a guy that Burke and Crow love so much in Vancouver, that they're trying to negotiate an extension for him now - 2 yrs before his contract expires!!! Cooke is more valuable to this team than you give him credit for.

bottom line is that Cujo to Vancouver makes ZERO sense... whether we like it or not, Cloutier is our man for this year, and Hedberg is our insurance - Burke has already said so - giving him a 1 yr contract and expecting him to show up.

Crawford has been very pleased with Cloutier this season, and has also gone on record saying so...

so really, why are you still trying to convince us that this makes sense, when the GM, coach, and apparently all the fans here (including many Wings fans) are saying it doesn't??

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