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Originally Posted by Flyerfan808 View Post
I'd like to amend it slightly:

Poorly timed injuries (during playoffs)
Poor playoff stats (because he is playing injured)

Extremely poor defensive play... and I mean cherry picker status.
Punched a cab driver over 20cents... but somehow I think Flyers fans would not see that as a knock against him, rather a point of pride.

I try to imagine that series with Kane on the Flyers and JVR on the Hawks... to be honset I'm still not sure that we would have won.

I see Invictus' point. Were he drafted by the Flyers, 2 things could have happened:

1) he gets top line minutes and scores so freaking much that no one cares how bad he is defensively.

2) he does not get top line minutes and gets run out of town because he plays so poor defensively that he is not worth what little offense he could provide with limited minutes and no powerplay time. Maybe not Zherdev bad... but pretty freaking bad.
Kane's really not that poor defensively anymore. He's far from great, but not nearly as bad as he used to be.

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