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10-24-2012, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by anderson3133 View Post
Prime, because you don't seem to know the definition, is "the most flourishing stage or state."

If they surpass a number from prior to their 7th season, the number previous is CLEARLY not their prime.

Thanks for proving my points.

With that, I am done.
So a players prime is only the year of his career high.

A "prime" is one year long?
Do the years after a players career high count as their prime? Because, according to your definition "the most flourishing stage", if they get LESS than their most flourishing stage, they are not in their prime.

So Iginla getting the most goals of his career in his 6th nhl season is not "in his prime" because he scored more "points" later in his career.


Joe Thornton's 100 point season didn't even happen in his prime.

Hossa got 82 points in his 6th season. He only passed that number TWICE. I guess those 2 years are his prime. Not his 3rd best season.
Clearly not his prime.
It's all so interesting...

It's funny, because these players are EXCEPTIONS rather than RULES as players that were late bloomers.

And they were STILL all in their primes by their 7th nhl season.
You've been proven wrong, so I suspect spin as your response.

This is fun.

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