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10-25-2012, 01:05 AM
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When Garrison signed w/ Van, Tallon said something like "we couldn't afford to match that deal. We just don't have those type of resources"
Garrison was a top 2 d-man on their team, if they can't afford to pay him $27.7M over 6 yrs, they def can't afford Lu's remaining $47M over 10 yrs.

Botch 'believes' Florida is out. Dreger said the opposite, and the hold up is Van unwilling to take $$ in return. Of course Van doesn't want to take $$, it means reduced cap space for an ineffective player. But if the new salary transfer rule is approved, I can see Gillis paying say $1.5M per yr for duration of Lu's contract. Suddenly, a $47M contract is $32M. The difference is really paying Upshalls contract - without actually taking the plug.

Van's one of the wealthiest NHL teams, they spend more $$ on off ice programs than any other NHL team. They have the largest amateur scouting staff in the NHL. They've shown willingness to spend to be competitive. If Fla offers up a good package, I could see something like this happening. It's Lu's 1st choice, and you can bet it's Gillis 1st choice to send him to a quiet market like Fla.

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