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10-25-2012, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by OccupySheen View Post
Ok and my point was because Getzlaf gave us one horrible year, does that make the entirity of his contract bad? no it doesn't, if Souray gives us 2 useful seasons then i think most of us would be "ok" with that, no?
First off, Ryan Getzlaf's bad season still saw him put up 57 points. Those are still respectable numbers. They aren't Ryan Getzlaf numbers, but at his price tag, we're not exactly talking about horrible value. In this context, a bad season from Souray is not just about his production, but his health.

Secondly, Getzlaf is on a five year contract. One "bad" season is a smaller percentage of his contract than Souray's would be. Basically, we get more from Getzlaf, for a longer period of time, and even his bad season is still respectable. It's just not up to our expectations. Souray's good is not likely to overshadow the bad, the way Getzlaf's does, and his bad could consist of him missing half a season(or more).

And finally, you're still missing the point. There is absolutely no reason to not sign a young Ryan Getzlaf, coming off of his ELC, to a five year contract. That was a good contract. Hell, it was a great one. It's turned out to be a bargain. He's consistently given us over a point per game. The same is not true of a 36 year old, injury prone defenseman who is questionable to even complete an entire season over the course of his three year contract. My issue with this contract, and I believe the issue many others are having with it, is "Why?" Why sign Souray to such a risky contract, when his personal history says that it's unlikely we get our money's worth. Seems pretty wasteful for a budget team.

I welcome Souray to prove me wrong. I hope he does, because otherwise the Ducks are going to pay for it, both on and off the ice. That being said, most people are going to call it a bad contract until he proves otherwise, because that's what it looks like - a bad contract.

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