Thread: News Article: Torts interview with Brooks 10/24/12
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10-25-2012, 05:23 AM
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Originally Posted by mooskating View Post
is that supposed to imply context? it doesn't look like it and that could be really important. for all we know he said, "none of the kids are playing well, BUT that's because they're not playing right now" i'm not going to jump to a conclusion on it. i think it's an accurate statement, but jean has been better than i expected and kreider is acceptable... and honestly they're playing well at ahl level. maybe not well for the big leagues, but a few guys have been acceptable.

ALSO... "none of the kids is"... is improper english.
Wrong. None is singular, so "is" is grammatically correct. Points for Torts for getting something right that everybody gets wrong.

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