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10-25-2012, 05:26 AM
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The sub-discussion regarding that the NHL-players in Europe are just skating slowly around "trying to stay in shape and not get injured" is very dumb imo.

They are all professional players who love the sport they are in! They have a responsibility to team mates, fans and the new club/employer, so ofcourse they won't just "skate around".
But first and most improtant; if you get to that high level as NHL as an athlete you have a strong competitive mind. Once you hit the ice, there is no such thing as playing for trying to stay in share; i guarantee that each player will try to win!

I don't know how many of you guys how just read about sport on forums, but from personal experience i know that once you get in a competetive setting, there is no holding back (with a few exceptions ofc, but even half injured/sick I find it hard to not go all-in). Ofc they don't want to get hurt, but that goes for all players.

I have seen already many games involving NHL-player in Europe so far, and i got to disagree with the previous poster. They are not holding back. It's not play-off mode (but still, that goes for all players).

With beeing said, it's not easy to come over and just start to dominate. Cultural differences, bigger ice surface and new team mates are things that affect.

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