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Originally Posted by Islanders1932 View Post
I think one thing I will truly miss is the community feel. While tailgating you would meet people and remain friends forever. You would always bump into those same people at the games and catch up from that one time you met while tailgating. Now I feel it will be more of a show up watch the game and leave, rather than chat and catch up before hand.
Originally Posted by leeroggy View Post
I moved out of the area many years ago but one thing I remember from my youth was how the Coliseum came up with that great idea for having a separate entrance and pick up/drop off area for parents to get their kids to the game. It definitely helped grow the fan base in the early years. My dad would drop my brother and I off at the game, go home, and come back to pick us up after the game, all for free. It made it safe for younger fans to go to a game. I don't know if it still exists (I left the area in the late 70's when we moved out of state) but it was the only such amenity I never saw at any other major arena.

My biggest personal memory for attending a game was being in the stands the night Trots broke the rookie scoring record (I believe against the Kings).
Originally Posted by Echoes of 1980 View Post
I'll miss how "local" everything felt. I really enjoy making a 15 minute drive to the Coliseum, commiserating with other fans that lived nearby. That feeling of knowing that other fans in the building identify with me. That everyone else could joke around about the Islanders and building we watched the games in. Being able to stop by Applebee's on Sunrise highway in Bellmore and always seeing a few fellow Islanders fans in team gear after a game.

Can't be understated how cool it was to tailgate and see lots of others doing the same.
Originally Posted by Bunk Moreland View Post
-The ease of it all.. Being able to leave my house at 6:40 and being in my seat before the puck drops.

-Cheap seats/Great site lines

-The fact that its a dump but its our dump.. I loved Shea Stadium and still miss it.. Maybe I'm just weird. edit: JTforPres gets it!

- Being able to drive to the game/tailgating

-I don't know why but its always felt like "my" team because its in my back yard.. Moving from LI will change that a tad but I'll still love 'em.
pretty much this. i lived in nassau for a few years, had season tickets, then moved out to montauk and still managed to go to about 10-13 games a year(thats a fn feat for the distance). It was just YOUR place.

the above and...i dunno if anyone mentioned this yet, i read them all and didnt notice it, but i LOVED how the building always literally rocked a bit when the place got ridiculously crazy. Like in the leafs series and a few times after that, you could pretty much feel the place moving. that was pretty ****ing awesome.

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