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Originally Posted by chuppa chupp View Post
I actually think Cloud Atlas will one of those movies that will be mocked and looked upon as a colossal mess big budget mess a la The Postman, even if it doesn't deserve it. I think Razzie nominations are in its future.

As for Life of Pi, it's impossible for it to be as cheesy and horrifically sentimental as War Horse. Haha, good lord was that movie awful. Ang Lee's movies don't make the audience roll their eyes at their manipulative cheesiness like good ole Steven's do.
Agree on both points, though I don't think Cloud Atlas will be Razzie bad.

No way Life of Pi will be cheesey, unless they diverge from the book. It's not a good book, it's a great book, and Ang Lee is one of a handful of directors who I can see doing it justice.

Nominations for best picture requires (if I have this right) 5% of the the AA nominating votes. I think nine pictures got nominated last year, and this year could be less than ten as there seems like a small group of pictures that is in the mix and then a host of long shots. Here's my picks, in order of likelihood:

Les Miserables
Silver Lining Playbook
Live of Pi

The Master
Zero Dark Thirty

and after those seven come the real long shots

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Django Unchained

Could make it:

The Sessions
Moonrise Kingdom

Super wild card

Killing Them Softly (doesn't seem on anybody's radar at the moment--yet it has a very good pedigree and was very well thought of coming out of Cannes).

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