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10-25-2012, 07:33 AM
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Originally Posted by RoseTintedVisor View Post
Right, exactly.

I'm all for the retention of the logo, the colors, our storied past.

But if you don't think we're going to exploit the fact a jersey with BROOKLYN on it would be a top 5 seller the moment it hit stores, there's a bridge a bit further down Flatbush Avenue I could interest you in...
Valid....the Brooklyn logo will sell like hotcakes, but....

I don't care if Wang ever eats again. I don't care about sales now. The team has left us. I guarantee the team will fall flat again due to mismanagement because Wang is not in it for success. The revenue is further limited due to seats, location/sales and interest (save for the new team smell, which will wear off when DP makes his 12th comeback tour and we're dressing AHL'ers).

So same team, same story, same AHL coaching (I predict we will have a solid retread coach temporarily then go back to no one wanting to coach for Wang) and then we make less money than we did last season. We will have revenue sharing, we'll make the cap floor.

So do I care if he changes the logo and jerseys to make money? When we're trying to hang on to what was the New York Islanders and marketing is trying to invent a new franchise identity?

Like I said, I hope Wang goes broke and destitute. So screw the marketing, I'm trying to hold onto 19 straight playoff series wins and the feel of 16,234 people leaving an old barn as Kings and Queens of the world as a feeling, not the feel of Wang making good on this move.

I root for the team I grew up loving. I like their logo. It'll be all that's left in three years.

And KevFu....I think we'll have plenty of merchandise sales for Brooklyn to buy. I hope they are interested in the orange, white and blue we offer now, but the marketers can sell all the Brooklyn Bridge nonsense they can if they want. Maybe some Islander logo Starbucks cups and wool beatnick hats.

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