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10-25-2012, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by kihei View Post
I enjoyed Argo, but it is a pretty mediocre front runner at the moment. Wasn't a fan of either Moonrise Kingdom or Beasts of the Southern Wild, either; though they are better than mediocre, I guess. Anna Karenina got savaged at TIFF. Hyde Park on Hudson, which also got clobbered, might make the cut in a year that seems to be wrapping itself in American flags. Those two would seem to qualify as mediocre in the unlikely chance one of them is anointed.
I liked Argo and Moonrise Kingdom fine. More than you it seems, though I wouldn't call myself a staunch defender of either.
I'm with you on Beasts of the Southern Wild, but I'm saving my rants about that for when voters wind up nominating a 6 year old girl for best actress.

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