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Originally Posted by HalifaxDucks View Post
Are you sure you're not chsb? Jeez. It's like Halifax, Quebec and Moncton don't have any picks because they don't have their '13 first.

Moncton won't sell. Very doubtful.... If they do then Racine an Veilleux suddenly look very intriguing in Moose uniforms
Hahah!! no, i'm not CHSB...i dont think Bathurst is that great!
i'm on the record if you look at my previous post, as hoping that moncton turn things around. (CHSB would never say that!!) I do not however, think any of those prospects named are of much value when they havent played in the league. Historically if you look at those trades, they involve 16/17yr olds that are playing in the league, not junior A or midget AAA. That's why i'm saying they are not full of great prospects. Those players could turn out great, but, there is not 1 sure thing in that group. And...the current roster, being an extremely talented one, does not have many contributing young players.

I do agree, that teams can get creative with future picks, but, keep in mind all that does is prolong the rebuild time going forward. You have to sacrifice some in order to go for it....but how much?

I love it, if it werent for them having a hard time to get going, we wouldnt have much to talk about!

if the lock out continues, i cant wait to see what Huberdeau will fetch and where he will end up. Any chance the wildcats can pick him up?

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