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10-25-2012, 08:47 AM
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Wow, I in the Eye, masterful. I don't disagree with you, FLA still seems like a long-term possibility. Basically, my stance on this is that if the deal is done quick, it's because Burke has woken up, otherwise, FLA and VAN will work out something as the season moves along. Just IMO.

Also, capemjs, don't take it personally. This is how HF operates. You'll get used to it. It would be a shame to lose your input since TO is still in the mix.

Now then, on the TO front, we have the following PassittoBulis article:

Harrison Mooney brings up some good speculation within. Got me thinking... We all know that Gillis tracks advanced stats. MAG and Booth seem to be his latest forays based on these underlying numbers. So that said, it puts the spotlight on Bozak and his suspect underlying numbers. HM surmises that the TO angle is to give up Bozak, but the VAN angle is to get Colborne (A guy with an 11 game NHL track record...) So does Gillis go against type to target Bozak, or take a flyer one someone that might be better than Andrew Ebbett? [Reference in Article] [/quote]

So in doing some rumour algebra, and working off Gardiner-plus-plus-plus, we replace Bozak with Colborne. This nets: Gardiner + 1st + Frattin + Colborne. Now, the obvious point of contention is still Gardiner. If Finn takes his place, does this still work? Note: This assumes Colborne takes over the 3C spot in the NHL immediately.

Lastly, HM speculates that Burke will "crack" first here given a shortened season. His reasoning is sound. During a shortened season, the margin for error is razor thin, and any negative fluctuations could cost you dearly. Apply this to the leafs goaltending, and you have a real reason why time is not on Burke's side here. Gillis sitting on Lu for 20 games does not work for TO. Note: The only thing that will change this is the CBA forcing a cap alteration to 60m for _this_year_ (as in, no 70m transition year).

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