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Originally Posted by McClelland View Post
Should not overvalue making points in the swiss leuage, specially against the bottom teams, seguin made a hatty against ambri piotta yesterday, a team with only 8 p in 15 Gp.

I really like what i see in Brunner, hes fast and gritty and the nhl could suit him fine.
I have always liked outsiders, Brunner played in swiss division 3 when he was 20 years old, then he showed next to nothing in 2,5 seasons in 1st division, before he came to zug in the middle of the season 08/09. He had 0 p in 12 Gp in kloten starting that season, he went down to division 2 a couple of games, he then came to zug and exploded there and has never looked back.

Maybe some swiss/wing fan know this guys story, its unusual and would be very intresting to hear about

Ps. Crazy stuff to mark the best scorer with a yellow helmet, the teams defenders must be happy about it!
Well, I've written some stuff about his history in here some time ago:
From the thread: Damien Brunner with a datsyukian-like shoot-out move

QUOTE=duga;30825605]I don't agree.

I watch Kloten regularly. When he came into the league, he was put on first line with Rintanen and his skills were already through the roof (for a swiss), he had this incredible coast to coast goal (it was the 2nd or 3rd time i saw him play), outspeeding and -deking the opponent, followed by a wicked wrister top-shelf (you remember this insane Kovalchuck goal where he wen't coast to coast? very similar). I just dropped my jaw, except from P. Howald, I've never seen a swiss doing something similar.

He still played very wild, sometimes confusing that days, with bad physical and defensive play. so he got into Eldebrink's Doghouse, the 2nd season, was put on 4th line, lost his enthusiasm and fell off. I could've killed Eldebrink. (who's a very capable coach on general)

While he definitely profits of the speed of Schnyder and the heart and smarts of Holden. They profit as much vice versa. He's so good one-on-one, that the opponent often let him passing lanes open, and he's a nice playmaker and tends to make players around him better.

The thing I agree, is his lack of power and size and he pbly never develops into a physical force. But when looking at his combination of speed, very nice hands, his desire to have the puck on his blade and his smarts.... I can see him getting a defensive style similar to A. Semin's of late, very aggressive stick, a lot of take-a-ways, just one level beneath him But it's still a long way to go.

And 2010 was his first international Year. give him some time. he had some very good moments against weaker competition. and IMO, you could see, that he isn't too far off of having an impact against the top teams.

Plus, and that's a very important detail, while being not an active physical force, he is a very positive, competitive personality, and therefor doesn't get intimidated at ease, unlike Guggisberg or Wichser (the only other swiss wingers comparable skill wise) who got this "typical swiss" a passive, reserved temper and look scared on the ice, when challenged physically.

IMO, he's the only swiss forward, beside von Arx a few years ago, who should make the NHL when giving it a try. The other good ones, like Sprunger, Wick or Deruns could make it, but it would be a little surprise.

Yes, I do hype him a bit, but I really think he'll do it.

sorry for too much words

P.S: and to put me totally offside, just one other thing:
When it comes to untapped potential, I'm not sure Nino got more than him...


In general I think for young swiss sportsmen it's a big advantage when they have to overtake obstacles while they are young: We got such a good living here in general, that you can have a pretty good live without pushing yourselves to the limits. (in sports as well as in economics) That oftenly hinders them to reach there potential.

e.g. Hiller never played in U-18 or U-20 national team, never was on any scouting lists, had to fight hard for his carreer but was lucky enough, that the best swiss coach ever (Arno Del Curto) trusted him and his uncovered talent, and gave him a chance directly in the NLA before Hiller had proven anything.

M.Gerber worked his way up from 4th tier swiss hockey league to the NHL, step-by-step, and only over a few years.

Even M.Streit was shopped by SC Bern, his junior team, cause they thought he isn't talented enough for the NLA...

and now they have been the "triumvirate" for swiss hockey for many years.

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