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10-25-2012, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by enviro61 View Post
Totally disagree. The people who want to see a football game will go whether they are called the Ottawa Turds or the Ottawa Highlanders or Ottawa Demonslayers. You don't need to market the game to these people because they love the game regardless of the team name, pretty logos or its ability to win a cup every year.

To grow the game and attract the casual fan and family you need to market the whole product, name logo etc and make it fun. You may not like it but that is the truth and to ignore that would be financially stupid and you would lose your job asap.
Disagree, this ownership group is in it for the long run. A cheap cash grab won't cut it. Not saying that's would you're suggesting, but while it will be a new name, it has to be something that grows with the fans, something timeless and something relevant to Ottawa. In my opinion, you used the worst example as Raptors isn't a very popular name in Toronto and, quite frankly, is a pretty ridiculous name.

I don't think the name will change much for kids, as long as the game day experience has something for them and that can be done regardless of the brand.

For your other question, while it is part of my profession to suggest concepts, we felt this was by far the best option, all things considered. Keep in mind that while we released it a few days ago, we've been working on this since october 2011, so I assure you we did the proper exercise in searching for a relevant name in brand.

That being said, some are bound to not like it wether it's Highlanders, Cobras, Carebears etc. That's the name of the game and that's fine.

I will say that the response so far has exceeded our expectations in a very positive way. There will be other name suggestions and I'm sure some will be very good. Looking forward to it

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