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Originally Posted by Buck Aki Berg View Post
The Senators have had no problem growing the game and attracting casual fans and families despite their historic, non-fun name. And they have to do 41 times a year, in the winter, with a drive all the way across town. Who exactly got fired over the name of our NHL team?
well Senators isn't a bad name if you look beyond the recent political connotations. Everyone associates the name with Roman Empire as per the logo and that is pretty cool. It's also a name that has been around for hockey in Ottawa for 100 years and they resurrected it for good reason. Had the name not been around before, I'm sure there would have been a ton of opposition to it if it were introduced in modern times and displayed a picture of Parliament as the logo or somesuchthing.

As for the Raptors, I personally do not like it and was throwing it out there as an end of the 'silly name' spectrum example. I feel at the other end of the spectrum are boring (not saying Highlanders is at the opposite end of the spectrum but it leans that way imo) names that try too hard to bind themselves to history and significance without consideration to 'catchy and cool' which while might be considered 'low-brow' is a reality that can not be ignored.

To each their own, the masses will speak and the business men will decide.

As mentioned I applaud your effort and the traction you have gained to date. I'm a fan of the game and will cheer regardless of its name so it's a moot point to me personally. However, I have twins that I someday hope to bring to the game and the cooler **** looks the more pappa will have to spend on them.

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