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10-25-2012, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
I still don't see how this makes a 42.5mil cap with no link to revenue better than 39mil linked to revenue.

The players took home more money at the end of the last CBA by waiting until after the lockout than they would of if they took the NHL's last offer before cancelling that season. I'm not talking about the players that only played a couple more seasons, I am talking about the future NHLers, the ones these guys are fighting for now.

Actually, before the lockout (not cancellation) the owners offered a 31mil cap with no link to revenue.

The players got a better deal by waiting, there is no debating it.

Actually there is room for debate. It would be interesting to see what the final salary sums were for ALL the active NHL players since 2003, compared to what they would have earned with no lockout.

I think it would be a shocker to find out which of the active players ended up with less money in the long run after losing a year’s salary due the stupidity that we are seeing again.

Your statement should read:

The players got a better deal for future NHL’ers by the waiting, there is no debating it.

That is water under the bridge. Hopefully there will be some private discussions between Fehr and Bettman today. This PR crap coming from both sides is pathetic.

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