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Originally Posted by blue425 View Post
Likewise. Was asking around the Ranger's OT thread, but nothing.

Just out of curiosity you ever go to 8 bit and Up?

In HDR, I run mostly claw, but will mess around with other charge characters for fun. Played IV pretty extensively through Super. Waiting for the updates to stop, and my interest to return, before going back to it.

Oddly never got into III at all.
TBH I almost had to google what 8 bit meant, I've been on a hiatus since the launch of IV Super, what sparked my interest was the release of the 25th anniversary CE, and VF5FS + Marvel vs. Capcom Origins on Xbox Live

I've only been dabbling casually back and forth, in fact I'm too lazy to even bust out the old SFIV mad catz TE stick, thus working with that sick 360 d-pad flubbing moves and getting shredded

The left side of my brain never fully understood the charge character logic, not ambidextrous enough to pull off cross mix ups haha

I think a good chunk of the fan base still feels that III Strike was and is the crown jewel of the fleet, it's the game play grand-daddy of IV, kind of the best of all worlds; gameplay, cast, music, look...

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