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Originally Posted by Hamilton Tigers View Post
I didn't say Golden Horseshoe. I said southern Ontario which includes Guelph, K-W, London, Brantford etc (all outside the GH) as well as the GTA itself.
Does it really matter? The Greater Toronto Area has a population of 6 million, the rest of Ontario has a population of 6.7 million. There's significantly more people living east of Hamilton than there is west of it, meaning it cannot be the centre of population.

Draw a circle of a 50 mile or so radius (NHL territory) around Hamilton and how many millions would that include?
Just under 7.2 million by my (rough) calculations. It probably is a little less as a 1/3 of Scarborough is not within the 50-mile mark but I decided to be generous and count all of Toronto.

By comparison, there's 7.7 million people living within a 50-mile radius of Mississauga.

It's why the NHL's own experts said in court during the Coyotes bankruptcy proceedings that any Hamilton team would be the fifth highest revenue generator in the NHL
I read those documents from the BK case. If I remember correctly, it said a second team in Southern Ontario is projected to be top 5 in revenue, not Hamilton specifically.

I could be wrong though.

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