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10-25-2012, 10:09 AM
Joe Cole
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What are you in it for? To have fun, right? Do you not find any fun in passing the puck?

To me, hockey is a team game. While I am a shooter too, I really enjoy setting my team mates up.

Tell you what, here are two things you can do to make things interesting if you play with guys who are much slower than you.

1- once you cross the blue line, back up the D about 5 feet, then cut to the short side boards and loop back. You will have backed off the D, possibly confused them and your team mates will now be entering the zone. You still have the option of shooting, but now you also have the option of passing it to forwards that have the D on heir heels.

2- same situation, cut across the zone diagonally, you can have new angles to shoot from, plus your team mates may have had time to catch up and you can feed them and crash the net.

Find the joy in being a team mate.

I do not want to offend when I say....there are a lot of individual sports if you don't enjoy playing as a unit.

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