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Originally Posted by mrwarden View Post
It is insane to declare someone as deserving of "best player status" and "worthy of all the hype and then some" before he's even done it for a whole season. Insane.

Consistency. Over years. After defenses can gameplan you. etc.
Is it really? Is there a player out there right now that you'd rather have?

Wilbon has no love for the Skins and is a frothing Bear's fan. Even he can see it tho:

He's at the very least in the discussion thus making it "not insane" to suggest it.

Wilbon and Madden already made similar statements and pretty much everyone agrees he is in the discussion for the MVP of the league.

No its not far fetched to say he is the best player in the league.

When I first saw Mario Lemieux play there was no doubt in my mind he was a Hall of Famer. Same with Michael Jordan. This guy is in that class for his sport.

With RGIIIs combo of confidence, maturity, leadership, poise, decision making, insane accuracy, strong arm, and being the fastest player like EVER it stands to reason that he will be a legendary player.

So yes right now he is the best player in the league IMO.

Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post
He has the potential but I fear he'll end up having a sophomore slump, and then the boo-birds will come out

He is exceptional right now but his career is still young. And this team is in every game, which is amazing. They play hard until the final whistle. They are going to win about 6 or 7 games this year. The defense is too bad to allow them to win more than that. But damn it...those 10 losses are going to be some damn good games to watch.
I'll take that bet 10x over. I have absolutely no doubts he will be even better next year. You can just tell by his aura and intelligence.

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