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10-25-2012, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by PerryTurnbullfan View Post
I agree. From what I saw last year, I don't think Schwartz's game at this point is a significant upgrade over anyone in the line up. He would be better served being "the man" for Peoria for a year or maybe more if necessary and work on rounding out the rest of his game. Hitchcock expects a well rounded forward in his system.
Overall he probably isn't. But as a short game PP specialist he absolutely is an upgrade. Minus Arnott(PP specialist) and with Andy McDonald's recent injury history, the Blues could find themselves shorthanded and aimless without this type of player(Langenbrunner is a short game specialist but he's more insurance than primary). I don't really want to watch a crap PP again, do you? No snark intended here, but the PP was awful too much of last season and I'm worried we could see that again. Given how mercurial PP's tend to be in general, this could end up being a non-issue. However that 2nd PP unit would be lots better in general with Schwartz given that the small handfull of guys better are already on the 1st unit.

The upgrade he represents is being able to read the play and make a pass at a speed only a couple of current projected roster players can. Most of the time this role is executed by a veteran who has learned to be money on the PP over the course of several professional seasons, but Schwartz has "it" when it comes to reads combined with the hands to execute on said reads. He represents a significant upgrade to the 2nd PP IMO. But this is probably the only upgrade with him being realtively slow, relatively small and still needing to show his conditioning can handle a full time role.

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