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10-25-2012, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by ult View Post
A little bit outdated news, but still relevant. KHL will share their revenues from advertisements and TV deals with the clubs in the near future. I'd imagine with 23 million subscribers, we're talking about operating profit of at least $10mln monthly from KHL TV alone. I gues for teams with a year budget of 10 mln, getting a couple of millions from tv deals is gonna be big. Even more so for the teams like Amur or Riga who're making ~$4 million on ticket sales.
Hey Ult, thanks for puting this together, pretty interesting stuff... Is the goal to make all teams have HD within the next few years? Also, is it 23 mill. subscribers to a seperate KHL TV channel, or is this 23 million subscribers to some package that KHLtv is mandatory to? So this channel gives some of the revenues back to the teams? If so then this is a great step for the business model of the league. Consider that the NBA only had 8 million subscribers when it started and NHL network was projected around those figures, not sure where those numbers are at now...

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