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10-25-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Saugus View Post
And in the end, the President releasing his birth certificate did nothing to convince the people that Trump represents. Plenty of the "birthers" don't want to let go of their stupid conspiracy theory and think he faked that birth certificate too, even if they are provably wrong.
That's pretty much how all conspiracy theorists are. If you prove they were were wrong about X, they point you to Y, prove Y is wrong, they point you to Z.... never ends. But the president and his people are also to blame, because they allowed the "birther" movement to grow and intentionally fueled it by not disproving it immediately. They did so because it was "good politics" for them, only releasing it once it became "bad politics" for them.

This spins back to another reason why people speculate Obama oddly refuses to release his college records. Some think that even though he was in fact born in Hawaii, he lied to the various colleges to gain easier acceptance as a foreign student by claiming he was an international, thus abusing diversity metrics.

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Some days I miss when I used to post all the time...
Seriously. No hockey means I login here briefly once or twice a day (or sometimes not at all )

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