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Originally Posted by KallioWeHardlyKnewYe View Post
Yeah, I'm probably being too dismissive of Life of Pi. Haven't read the book, only seen the trailers. At this point in the game, with so much still unseen, I'm just looking at types of movies that typically appeal to the Academy (The Avengers that ain't).

So what will be the inevitable mediocre movie that does make the best picture cut?
Having seen both, in no universe does Life of Pi belong in the same sentence as War Horse. It's a very good, emotionally honest movie. To me it seems like one of those "middle-ground" nominations - you could maybe put it alongside Hugo or Toy Story 3 from the last couple of years as a likeable movie that very few people will argue should actually win the category, but most are happy to see it nominated.

I also wouldn't be surprised if it took home some prizes for visual effects too - they are mindblowing. I didn't think I'd see a better SFX feast this year than the final act of the Avengers, but Pi as a whole topped it.

As far as the mediocre movie that makes the cut - could be Silver Linings Playbook. At least for me personally. Just seems like a movie that will be very easy to hate if done wrong. I was also horribly unimpressed by the Hurt Locker, so if Zero Dark Thirty is more of the same, it might be my pick.

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