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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
Hey Ult, thanks for puting this together, pretty interesting stuff... Is the goal to make all teams have HD within the next few years? Also, is it 23 mill. subscribers to a seperate KHL TV channel, or is this 23 million subscribers to some package that KHLtv is mandatory to? So this channel giives some of the revenues back to the teams? If so then this is a great step for the business model of the league. Consider that the NBA only has 8 million subscribers and NHL network is projected around those figures...
Yes, that is the main goal.

It depends on provider. Some have KHL TV as the separate package, for example beeline offers you KHL TV for 50 rubles per month, in some cases KHL TV is part of sports bundles (7-10 channels for the price of 200 rubles or something like that), but Trikolor has it in its biggest package Maximum HD, and the whole pack is pretty cheap overall. But Trikolor is a satellite network, and they make most of their profits selling satellite equipment, so it's hard to tell how much KHL makes from that deal.

KHL haven't been sharing their revenues, but now clubs are starting to press them, as it's obvious they're making a lot of money. The KHL itself as organization has been profitable since 2009. So it's time for the next step. It hasn't been made yet, but according to GM of some teams it's just a matter of time.

As for KHL TV, it has grown from 3 to 23 million in 3 years. And they have a lot of uncovered ground. Right now they made KHL HD as the separate channel, what will let them to charge the same viewers again for the pleasure of watching games in HD. And if they make a better product, it'll certainly bring even more viewers.

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