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10-25-2012, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Crabovski View Post
It has nothing to do with prime ovie or old ovie. Ovie is still young. It has to do with Mature Ovie vs Irresponsible Ovie. Ive heard stories about the guy Im not aloud to post here.

Thats half his battle IMO, the other half lies in his predictability. After a while goalies are going to catch on. Ovechkin took advantage of a move/shot nobody used for a long time, a season or 2 of it everyone caught on now hes back to being an above average player. Anyone who watched the games knew Ovechkin was not in Crosbys realm or even the realm his numbers made it look like he was in.

It comes down to - He was good at catching goalies off gaurd. Now, he has the reputation as the guy who catches goalies off gaurd, so they dont get caught off gaurd by him because they know his game. Simple.
If this means what i think it does i don't buy it. Ov was clear cut best or top-3 player for a stretch of 5 years not for 1 or 2. You don't do that by taking advantage of one trick. You honestly think that Ovechkin magically exploited some weird shooting trick for half decade and suddenly people just realized and got on to him? Sounds made up.

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