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Originally Posted by FreshNsoClean View Post
Found this and it's SPOT ON...

What a Torn Meniscus Feels Like

What are the symptoms of a torn meniscus? The first two are the typical pain and swelling deep in the knee joint. For me, this is the primary indicator that we need to check the menisci. Another symptom is the inability to fully extend the knee—that is, it feels better to keep the knee bent a little. Once a tear is bad enough, it may even be tough to put any pressure at all on the leg in question; so walking with a limp is another indication of a tear. With a torn meniscus, clicking is often heard; but since clicking can come from a few other things, in and of itself, it does not signify a tear.

What gets me, is that the "Sports Specialist Orthopedic Doctor" that I saw, said "all signs point to a torn meniscus but the only odd thing is why you can't extend your knee fully" I don't want a bad Doctor working on my knee. Even though he said the cause of the lack of full extending could be from the torn meniscus being in the way of something else. Seems like he should know better?
Did you get a MRI? Without it all the doc's are pretty much useless

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