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10-25-2012, 12:30 PM
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Originally Posted by McClelland View Post
Lucky to have omark in a extended golfseason, and make oklahoma gamethreads, why bother when a lot of posters thinks that the nhl ers take it as training sessions. Thats shows the distance some fans have to the players, and accepts a primadonna behavior.

Hockey is their work wherever they play, they makes crazy money in nhl, khl and also in europe and some even in ahl, they dont play for free, and people pay a lot of money to see them.
I thinks its very few who doesnt do their best, and let down their teammates.
Hockey is a sport where you get hurt if you doesnt compete in game situations.
Actually I don't accept it, I no longer pay for it, and agree that the average NHLPA player is a primadonna. Think about it. These NHL players that want jobs overseas don't need it, certainly not financially, and are only there for a paycheck as long as the lockout persists. For the vast majority of them anyway. I would actually argue Omark is in Europe for legitimate reasons and to build his resume and game. Most of the NHLers in Europe are taking somebody elses job and could care less thats the case. It speaks of no respect to the average Euro league player or teams. I wouldn't look highly on that.

Absolutely I feel distance toward the players few of whom I can even relate to. Pro Sports in NA is largely an overblown hype machine. Played by a bunch of spoiled whining athletes.

Its been a long time since NHL hockey has been strictly about the entertainment. Or for the average fan.

If a new league stepped in here I'd support it gladly. I actually prefer a more wide open entertaining type game. WHA was very much a Euro style type league. I honestly preferred it for the most part with the exception of course of one incredibly gifted team that the Oilers have had here.

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