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Originally Posted by tourlord View Post
Dude, you sound foolish. I don't care if you're in the KHL, AHL, DEL, this kid disappointed me in junior hockey. This kid was a phenom in AAA, scored 96 goals in 49 games. 96 goals. Do you know how many goals that it? On a Jr. Canadians team that hadn't lost a game in what was it... three or four years? He was the first player drafted into the OHL. The #1 pick into the ONTARIO HOCKEY LEAGUE and you're in the AHL? The #1 pick in the OHL and he didn't do a single thing while he was in the league. This guy should be in the NHlL, instead he got a fat head thinking he was better than everybody else and his stock dropped incredibly. And to get this through your head, the forum that this thread was created in is the ONTARIO HOCKEY LEAGUE. So I'm assuming the creator of this thread is talking about players that have surprised or disappointed people during their OHL careers, no? During McFarlands OHL career he DISAPPOINTED me and lots of other fans after coming in with such high hopes. Next time just take a second and read what the thread is actually about.
Your incorrect. Its for this year.

Also, whats up with the caps lock?

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