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10-25-2012, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Morozov View Post
It would certainly be an amazing accomplishment, you will struggle to get any consensus on a "single greatest sporting achievement" though, everyone has leans to sports they follow, you'll have some probably come in here and scoff at the suggestion simply because it's Basketball.

Is it greater than Hillary and Tenzing being the first to climb Everest? is it greater than Tendulkar's one day double hundred or Lara's 400 not out? Mosienko 3 goals in 21 seconds? there's all sorts of ones you could throw out there. I believe you have to consider the context as well, if LeBron went out and put a 5x10 on the Bobcats in a regular season game, is that a better achievement than if he put up a 4x10 in a playoff game?
I know, I was just trying to find the right words and maybe came off a bit wrong lol. There are so many incredible things that happen in sports, that to narrow it down to just one would probably be immpossible. Just in this particular sports fan's mind (and I like and follow a lot of them) I can't think of anything that would come close, though, like you say, context is important. A quadruple double in the playoffs would probably be up there.

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