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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
The thing is Hamilton is a centralized location that has 2 major highways going through the city that ables Hamilton to gain access to 8 million people through out southern ontario just not the GTA. you got to think regional & Hamilton is the perfect place to put a regional NHL. team & like Balsille said a NHL. team in Hamilton is just not for hamilton but for all of southern ontario & chances are an NHL. team in Hamilton will be called Ontario not Hamilton . As for Sudbury , North Bay , Orilla & Peterborough 2 out of the 4 namely sudbury & North Bay are northen ontario really would not have access to an NHL. team in Hamilton or Markham because it would be long haul ethier way as for Orillia & Peterborough they have access to the Leafs Senators & 2 OHL. teams in the Petes & Colts .
dont oversell the value of the highway infrastructure in the hamilton area. if there is an accident on either the QEW or the 403, the city gridlocks and shuts down. yes, when it works, it works. but when it doesnt, its among the worst in the country. also, getting down the mountain from the airport to copps can be a real challenge in the winter sometimes. i would suggest that getting around in markham/gta during a snowstorm would be much more efficient than getting around in the hammer, if only for the abundance of roads and public transit.

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